What will happen? penalties for “Manager” in the English Premier League

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Can be called another highlight for English Premier League. This past weekend saw two tough managers clash with Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel in a prestigious London derby match that Chelsea drew at home to Tottenham Hotspur went 2-2 on Sunday night.

In the game, there are many strokes in which the two consultants will close their mouths to put up a boxing match. By the start of the rhythm that the game was tight, but Spurs chased a 1-1 draw successfully in the second half. Conte was happy to go outside the area of ​​the 4th referee. While Tuchel was upset by the 4th referee. The timing that should be fouled. Before And when two extreme emotions collided. There was a slight turmoil that resulted in a yellow card.

After that, Chelsea led 2-1 again, this time Tuchel took it back with a jolly run to cut Conte’s face. towards the visiting team’s bench But it didn’t end there because after the game ended with a 2-2 draw, the two of them walked hand in hand. But I don’t know where to catch each other Instead, they stood and cursed with their hand-pulled suits until the staff and players had to come together to separate them. Which prompted Anthony Taylor to deal with a red card for both of them even after the game was over.

Thomas Tuchel, Antonio Conte

Penalty ?

After 2018, the English Premier League The sanction rules have been change for the coaching staff on the sidelines. From the original where only warnings and evictions were issue. It is able to distribute yellow and red cards as if playing on the field as usual.

In the case of a yellow card
The rules apply when show inappropriate behavior Kick or throw a water bottle. Show sarcastic gestures and oppose the verdict.

If a manager receives 4 yellow cards within a season. They will be banned from coaching. The sideline immediately for 1 match. If they continue to receive 8 consecutive cards. In case of up to 16, they will be charge. Send a sentencing hearing to the Football Association and possibly even withdraw your work permit in the country.

If the manager gets two yellow cards in one game. Will be invite to leave the technical zone. Will have to sit on the stand cheer or go back to the dressing room. According by UFABET

In the event of a red card
, of course, the manager has the right to receive a red card. If the referee considers the behavior to be a serious or repeated offense. The coach is also responsible for the behavior. Of the coaching staff and club officials and someone misbehaves. The manager may be punish as well.

If a red card is given during the game. That manager must immediately leave the technical zone. Ready to be suspended. Do not control the team next to the field for 1 match in the next game automatically. However, bans may be consider for more than one game as appropriate. And the seriousness of the incident.