Three piles of cards or thirteen cards

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Three piles or thirteen cards a playing card that has recently. Become popular in Thailand, has its roots in playing cards. Poker uses similar rules of play, but with much more detail and prudence. It’s a rather thoughtful gamble. Train your brain and kill time very well. Coming into Thailand, it is not long known from the gamblers. Who travel to play in foreign casinos and gamblers who like to play online casinos. And was born fond of the style, so it has been publish continuously until widely known to society in no more than 50 years. Three piles of cards, also known as thirteen cards. Still use poker Poker uses standard playing cards. With one deck of 52 cards divided into four main categories, using wildcards to make it easier to arrange them in the following order. สมัคร UFABET

-The black bodhi uses the symbol of the black bodhi leaf, considered the largest
Bodhi. -The red heart uses the symbol of the red heart. Considered the second Bodhi.
-The club uses the symbol with the black club leaves, is considered the third Bodhi.
-The diamonds use the symbol with red diamonds. Considered as the smallest Bodhi,
13 cards per category, which will count the points as well, and the Bodhi with the largest Bodhi of all categories. Like the rules of playing poker Counting numbers instead of values ​​uses international rules. But the distribution and playing methods are slightly different.

Rules of playing three piles of cards or thirteen cards Can play from 2 people to a maximum of 4 people only

Because each deal uses 52 cards all at once. will begin to distribute from the person who dealt the cards first You can go left or right. Until the deck is exhausted, 13 cards are given per person. Players sit according to the deck of cards. or choose any pile depending on the agreement After that, let each player look at his or her hand. and arrange the cards that are in the hand by the three card game Players have to arrange 3 sets of cards and make sure that we are in the correct order according to the principle of poker cards.

The arrangement of three piles of cards is to divide the cards obtained in the hand 13 cards into three sets of 5 – 5 – 3
– the first set, the bottom, will be the northernmost. Basically poker uses 5 cards in hand
-Second suit, the minor suit still uses poker principles to rank 5 cards in the hand as well.
– The last set, the head set There are only three cards. But the temple loses and wins as well.