How to arrange three piles of cards or 13 cards

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The 13 Card Game, also known as 3 Stacks or in English as 13 Cards. Is one of the card games. that people play together whether playing in a real band or play online. Because in addition to being a card game that is easy to play and fun to play Rules and methods of playing The 13 card game or 3 piles of cards is not difficult. come out easy to play If anyone wants to play a good online casino, you can come to UFABET first. There are many famous casinos.

Even novice gamblers can win. Usually 1 deck of 52 cards is used to play and the maximum number of players is 4. The cards are dealt 13 cards each. That’s just a rough way of playing. However, the rules and The payout rates for playing a 13 card game or a 3 pile game depend on online casino website you choose to play.

First of all, let’s know how to arrange 13 cards or 3 piles of cards by a simple way to remember that they are arranged into 3 piles, 3-3-5, namely 3 top rows, 5 middle rows, 5 bottom rows, which are the bottom row. the best is The pile of cards with the most points, respectively.

You can arrange the piles according to the following formats:

  1. Dragon cards are 13 cards arranged as follows: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. They can be of the same or different suit. Dragon cards are considered It’s the biggest card in the game. If you line up a dragon card, you will instantly get 52 points.
  2. Royal flush is 5 cards of the same suit (same color) and must be 10, J, Q, K, A only.
  3. Four cards are cards that are arranged in a row and must be cards of the same rank and color. (The other card can be anything) such as 4 clubs, 4 diamonds, 4 spades, 4 hearts, etc.
  4. A bark card or a full house card is two sets of cards as follows: one 3 of the same card and two 2 cards of the same rank such as Q, Q, Q, followed by 10 spades, 10 spades.
  5. A color card or a flush is a card of the same suit, 5 cards or 5 cards of the same color, and it doesn’t have to be a card with a rank, such as 3 Hearts, 6 Hearts, 2 Hearts, 8 Hearts, 9 hearts
  6. Sort cards or straight cards are cards that are aligned and do not have to be of the same suit.
  7. Three cards are three cards of the same rank.
  8. Two pairs of cards are two sets of cards of the same rank.
  9. A pair of cards is a set of 2 cards of the same rank.
  10. High cards are cards that cannot be matched or placed into any pile of cards. They should be placed in the top row.