Fantan, how to play, what you should know

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Fantan (Fantan)

For the game Fantan was originally a gambling game that Chinese gamblers have started playing. There will be equipment used to play, such as nuts, chips, tamarind seeds, buttons, beads or other things nearby. Which will use the amount of 120 – 300 tablets and have a long wooden stick or a kite frame to be used as a betting position

but at present various online casinos Fantan games have been applied to play. But still the same way of playing, that is, will bring a lot of beans. Put a transparent container and then take a smaller container. cover the beans separately Which the number of beans that are separated will be separated into piles, each pile of 4 until they are exhausted, how many are the last piles? That number will be the result of the prize draw. สมัคร UFABET

Procedure for playing and counting results

After the betting time has expired The dealer or the dealer uses a cup to scoop out one bean. The beans are then poured into a scooped cup. In order to count them into piles, 4 pills per pile until they run out of beans. which the last pile How many peas do you get? The number of beans, that’s it, will be the result of the prize draw in that round. You will see that it is a game that is not difficult to play, right?

Rules for playing Fantan online

1. There will be betting time for everyone to choose the betting position
. The dealer will scoop the beans randomly.
3. Then the dealer will split the scooped beans into piles of 4 each.
4. The last pile will be the pile used to decide the prize draw.