Antony reveals his best friend at Man Utd

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Manchester United winger Antony has revealed he is ‘loving life’ at the club. And in the city following last summer’s £86m transfer from Ajax and hopes to stay for a long time.

Antony has suffered a couple of injury spells in his debut season. But has generally been a regular starter for United when fit. The 23-year-old has managed a respectable eight goals in all competitions and has shown plenty of potential, even if he has sometimes lacked consistency.

With the price tag involved and swapping Dutch football for the pressure cookers that are Premier League and Manchester United, Antony has faced a lot for player of 22 turning 23. But he is happy with how things have turned out and is crucially settled off the pitch, thanks in no small part of the many familiar faces and Portuguese speakers already in the squad.

Casemiro, a Brazil teammate for the last couple of years anyway, has become a close friend in particular.

“I feel like I’ve settled in and grown accustomed to the city of Manchester,” Antony revealed in an interview with UFABET United, the club’s official magazine.

“There are quite a few Brazilians here. Me and Casemiro are always hanging out, we’re always doing something,” he added.